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In honor of the most unholy of unholy days, tax day, I am launching my new book

"How to market your Entertainment Business: 51 Ways to Prosper in Any Economy,"

Since that is our last chance to hand over so much of our hard earned money for the year why not present some great ways people can earn more and turn even more over next year!

This book will come out as an e-book for ease of delivery though it may be picked up for publication in the near future.

This book will cover 5 topics:

1) Traditional Marketing and Public Relations (newspaper ads and articles)

2) Guerrilla Marketing (getting your name and business into the public eye in unique and free ways)

3) Direct Marketing (mailings and phone calls)

4) Internet Marketing

5) Other tips and Tricks

This book is gear toward entertainers, but the information is useful to any service based business including balloon decorators.

"How to Market your Entertainment Business" is currently on sale for $13! This price is only available through April 2nd (Yes, I want to avoid ending this offer on April Fool's Day). After April 2nd the book will sell for $23 so order today!

To order this book please e-mail, send the money via paypal to, or send a check or money order to:

Jason Vaughn

202 Meramec Valley

Arnold, MO 63010

All e-books will be sent out on April 15th at noon!

Order Today for only $13!

Jason Vaughn


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You Can Do It!

Balloon Twisting for Fun and Profit!

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